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Athletic Leadership Conference 2017:  Future Starts Today

On February 23, 2017, over 180 Waukesha West student-athletes joined together for the 5th annual West Athletics Leadership Conference, held at RiverGlen Church.  After enjoying the competition of a lip sync battle, students were led through discussions and reflection with the help of keynote speaker, Matt Gifford.  Students were able to study leadership and analyze current issues as gender groups, grade level groups, and as athletic programs.  The afternoon included student-led breakouts, and our continued tradition of “passing the torch” to finish the day.  Leaders expressed that they were excited, equipped, and willing to take on the risk of leadership, and bring positive change to our athletic program!

LC17 Opening

Student-Athlete Leadership Conference 2016: We’ve Got the Power

On March 17, 2016, over 150 Waukesha West student-athletes attended the 4th annual West Athletics Leadership Conference at RiverGlen Church.  Students worked through team building exercises, participated in seminars regarding relevant leadership topics, created action plans for their programs, and joined together for the “Pass the Torch” ceremony to close the day.  We are excited to see our culture of leadership move from a one day event into a way of life at West High School through empowering student-athlete leadership!


Leadership “Deep Dive” 2015

On September 17, 2015, 50 Waukesha West student-athlete leaders traveled to Phantom Lake YMCA Camp to “dive in” to leadership training.  Throughout the day, students discussed topics including “What is a Leader?”, “The “Waukesha West Challenge”, and the concept of legacy building at West HS.  Every program created action steps to bring back to coaches and athletes so that the Tradition of Leadership at Waukesha West can be launched forward this school year!


Student-Athlete Leadership Conference 2015:  You Have Been Chosen

Waukesha West Athletics hosted over 125 student-athletes on March 17, 2015 for the 3rd Annual Waukesha West Student-Athlete Leadership Conference.  Students were invited with the mindset that they “have been chosen” by their coaches and peers to lead their programs.  Students embarked on the process of discussing a code of excellence, examining growth areas within their own teams, and finally considering student-led leadership structures that they could propose to their coaches.  A group of twelve seniors who embody the essence of a student leadership took charge for the day, demonstrating the power of student to student influence.  Plans are already in place to help the ideas generated at the conference come to life in our programs.  Great work, LEADERS!



Student-Athlete Leadership Conferences 2014

In May 2014, selected male and female athletes took part in separate conferences at Waukesha West HS.  During our times together, we discussed the idea of Student-Athletes “Built for Others”.  In order to have this approach individually, it is important for our students to understand the “Wolverine Privilege”, and the honor of participation in West Athletics.  Our Wolverine Privilege is based upon caring relationships, others-centered motivations, and disciplined intensity.  We believe that a focus on these principles will not only develop togetherness and values that lead to competitive success, but also equip our students with life skills that will shape their next steps after graduation.

Student-Athlete Leadership Conference 2013:  I Accept!

In May of 2013, over 100 student-athletes and coaches traveled to Phantom Lake YMCA camp for a day of leadership training and development.  Our guest speakers, Troy Maragos, Luke Swan, and Bryan Roe, took advantage of the opportunity to teach, equip, and challenge our students to take the next step as leaders.  This day was designed to be a launching pad for future leadership development at West High School, so we look forward to what this year will hold for our student-athletes!


Leadership Quotes

Change your best. – P.J. Fleck

Consider the pain of discipline vs. the pain of regret. – P.J. Fleck

When you mature, what you have to do becomes what you want to do. – P.J. Fleck

Good is the enemy of GREAT. – Jim Collins

Spend time improving your character rather than your reputation. – Bryan Roe

Be the kind of teammate your teammates need you to be. – Alan Williams

Nothing Just Happens. – Chris Maragos

Be Uncommon. – Luke Swan

Humility is not thinking less of self – it is thinking of self less. -C.S. Lewis

Everyone wins when leaders get better! -Bill Hybels

Vision is the most important weapon in a leader’s arsonal. -Billy Hybels

Leaders move people from here to there. –Bill Hybels

Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it. -Colin Powell

Leadership is intentional influence. -Joseph Grenny

If you are not in the arena, fighting the fight with me, then I am not interested in nor open to your feedback. -Dr. Brene Brown

In the end, as a leader, you are always going to get a combination of two things: What you CREATE, and what you ALLOW. -Dr. Henry Cloud

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