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Our Mission

Transforming Aspiring Adults Through Athletics

The word “transformation” is defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.  Within the context of our value system at West High School, evidence of transformation would occur as students make the positive choice because they choose to, not simply because they are told to.  More than basic obedience, a shift of the heart and mind occurs such that others-centered thinking, integrity, and togetherness become pillars in their lives personally and collectively.

As students progress through their high school experience, they grow through academic knowledge, social interactions, and extra-curricular involvement.  All of which will leave their mark and influence the type of adults our students become.  While we understand that high school students are not adults just yet, we do strive to provide adult-like opportunities and responsibilities for our students in a manner that will equip them with the tools and skills necessary for post-high school success.

Ultimately, we have the privilege of creating this environment of high expectations through our mutual passions for athletics.  Although life lessons can be taught through a variety of circumstances, we believe students engage at a unique level through their athletic programs, and we therefore have a captive audience ready for learning along the way.

We continue to monitor indicators of our success as leaders and coaches with student-athletes on a daily basis, but the true measure of our success as an Athletic Department and school will be demonstrated by the positive family members, spouses, friends, employees, and citizens that our students become.

Thank you for your support as we aim to achieve this mission with every West student-athlete.